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Vom NHS in GB während Covid-19-Pandemie installierte Notkrankenhäuser - die Engländerinnen sagen offen „field hospitals“.  

National Health Service (NHS; deutsch Nationaler Gesundheitsdienst) ist der Name des staatlichen Gesundheitssystems in Großbritannien und Nordirland.

Why, if the NHS is under so much pressure, are others not open? The simple answer, says British Medical Association leader Dr Chaand Nagpaul, is staffing. "We have 80,000 vacancies. You just can't have a doctor or nurse in two sites at once."

  • NHS contact tracing app used on all smartphones in England and Wales

Map showing location of emergency hospitals around the UK Presentational white space Wales has now decomissioned its 2,000-bed field hospital, which was at the Principality Stadium, although it has a network of smaller sites are now available, some of which are linked to existing hospitals. A number of these are treating Covid patients. But of the original sites only two - one in Exeter and one in Belfast - are currently taking Covid patients.

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Sie nennen das dann passenderweise (?) NHS Nightingale Hospital